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My name is Rani and I am the founder of Ipuāni Lifestyle. Ipuāni Lifestyle was born from a place of love and passion.
After years working in the corporate world and hospitality industry, I pressed the reset button and decided to start anew. I left the corporate world and fast-paced life I had to embrace a path of growth and evolution. Exploress, yogini, foodie, a 500-hour certified Sattva Yoga teacher, my mission is to guide individuals to step into their full potential, for a more joyful, harmonious life. Life is meant to be lived fully, boldly, authentically, unapologetically, fearlessly and fiercely.
So how do you want to live this life?

yoga & wellness

A 500-h certified Sattva yoga teacher, sharing teachings and wisdom from the Himalayas. Meditation, Himalayan kundalini and kriya, pranayama, hatha vinyasa, warrior breaths, mantra, laya, free movement and partner work.
I offer group and private classes, well-being at work, yoga and wellness retreats, sadhana, meditation. There is no previous experience required.
Yoga meets you where you are!


I have always been fascinated by all the beauty around me and very naturally, I started taking photos. Traveling has given me wonderful opportunities to seize unique scenes.
It takes an authentic eye, and a sincere heart to capture all those breathtaking landscapes, embed soulful moments, reveal faces and deep expressions. It enlivens what you cannot put into words…

conscious communication

Communication is an art. And in this era where everything is so fast-paced, with such level of consumerism, paying attention to what we convey is of paramount importance.
I believe in the power of the word! I believe in love and compassion leading the way.
My mission is to share a message coming from the heart to inspire and elevate.

your mind is your servant, your body is your vehicle, and your soul is your residence”

yogi bhajan

Ipuāni: Marquesan word that encompasses the Universe, the Cosmos, the Higher Realms, Bliss

About Us

Just a girl on the big adventure that life is! Inspired to serve and empower through yoga and wellness. to elevate through conscious communication, to inspire through photography.

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