the best medecine is love, my dear

It was a cab ride in Sydney. I was visiting for work and as we were heading to the airport, the driver asked: “Do you know what the best medecine is? I am going to tell you… The best medecine is LOVE! Love is all we need and it is within each of us. It is contained in our fountain of youth: our heart! Our heart is our fountain and we have to protect it. It is our responsibility each day that god makes to water it and repeat within ourselves that we are happy, that we are healthy, that we are beautiful, that we are faithful, honest and that we are perfection. Each, we have to talk to ourselves and maintain that state of love within. This is the secret to a long life of joy and love. So tomorrow, Rani, tomorrow is Friday. And tomorrow, you will shine even brighter and louder, a little happier than you are today. Love is the remedy against stress and depression. Stress is like a terrorist that attacks our fountain of youth. So you see, we have to do our best to live happy and in love, always. Because love is the best medecine.”
Yes, that was just a day at the office… That one day, on a cab ride in Sydney. Lovely memory, humbling moment, beautiful wisdom and reminder that we have that power to shift our energy and state of mind!

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