our land is our strenght, you know

It was a beautiful Tahitian morning, at Point Venus beach. This public black-sand beach was named after planet Venus as it was there that Captain Cook had set up his observation camp a few centuries ago.
It is one of my favorite places on the island of Tahiti because it holds such great energy from the mountains and the volcanic black sand, known here for its healing properties. It is also my open-air yoga studio and where I love to teach, on this lovely wooden deck right by the water and nicely protected by ‘aïto’ trees (iron tree).
Today, as I am about to go for a swim when this man comes to me. “I see you giving yoga classes here,” he says. “It is very beautiful to watch all of you doing yoga. The body is such a great tool. And bodies in yoga are so harmonious, you can feel the peace.”
So we start talking. I love exchanges like that, so genuine, so raw and honest. I ask him to tell me more about his story. “I work the land. I work the land and I teach my son what life is about. I teach him respect, I teach him that whatever the situations in life, it is how we deal with them that matters.” He adds: “you know, I speak to the trees, because they give us so much. Here, in our islands, we have so much and I am so grateful for nature’s abundance. I respect nature and I teach my son too!”
My heart was in such gratitude listening to him. It was just so beautiful!
He continued: “what we eat is so important, what we eat is your health. You know, I have understood how what we eat is our energy. And that’s also why I love to work the land. Because it gives us food and nowadays, the young ones they don’t want to work with the land. So I teach my son. We are so blessed here in Tahiti. It is eden. I love my land. Our land is our strenght.” I could see tears blurring his eyes as he was speaking. It was so touching! I invited him to join my yoga class next time he sees us practicing. He replied: “I see you do a lot of breathing exercises. Breathing is so important. I know breathing can help in so many ways. You are helping people and it is a very inspiring work you do.”
Well, he was very inspiring! Polynesians have always been very in tune with nature. After all, they were amongst the greatest navigators, the stars and the sun were their compasses then!
Yes, the islands of Tahiti have so much to offer! Not only beauty but also such uplifting wisdom and knowledge. Every single day, I wake up with immense gratitude for all these gifts, these encounters and the universal power of love.

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