simplicity is the new luxury

There is a place where heaven and earth meet… suspended above dazzling waters…
A sanctuary nestled between the ocean wilderness and a lagoon shining its aquamarine glow.

A bungalow above the sea, or a villa with pool on the beach, a restaurant feet in the sand or floating among the trees, everything here is a beautiful blend of local materials giving it all this lovely island flair. Bamboo, wood, stones, shells or mother of pearl, woven leaves, coconut fibers or “tapa”, the sophistication drawn from Nature’s elements is unique.
Like a yin-yang dance, harmonious, balanced…

Like in many places now, the staff had to work with a mask… But it did not matter… They smiled with their eyes, from the heart, radiating genuine kindness and care. 

Each moment spent there brought me back to the essence, the beauty of what is… The simplicity of days lulled by Nature’s melody.
Try to remember… When is the last time you paused to contemplate and just be?

I loved the evenings filled with stars and milky way, making me feel small, yet infinite…
I loved the soft lagoon’s carress and the breeze on my face, the inspiring sunrises and the heart-warming sunsets. I loved being away from it all, nurtured in this heavenly eden.

And in today’s world, it all felt pure, authentic, suspended in time. Not one of those big resorts where you could just be anywhere in the world and they’d look the same.

This one definitely has a sense of place and personnality. An architecture that is the epitome of island living… A cocoon where simplicity is luxury and kindness a way of life.

Once a favorite and still a favorite, thank you for all the magic Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa! 

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