‘ia ora na e maeva! Welcome, bienvenue!
My name is Rani and it is a privilege to meet you here

a life’s journey…

I was born and raised in Tahiti, also known as French Polynesia. I worked in the Tourism / Hospitality industry for most of my career. I worked… a lot!!!
My life was between planes, airports, hotel rooms, constant jetlag, and endless hours on wifi. Traveling for work is not quite as glamourous as taking a vacation.
My life was work, work, work and I was all into it! The pressure, the stress, the challenges. I gave it all! I was an over-achiever. I just kept pushing. Until one day, I could feel that something was no longer following.
The stress and immense fatigue took over. I started being sick a lot. I was drained and close to a burn-out. I caught myself at that moment.

Yoga had always been part of my life, from near or far.
I decided to take more time for myself, reconnect, re-center. I made it a point to “yoga more” and started attending online and in-person classes, guided meditation. It has been a lifesaver and well, it did make me think a lot! About my life, about what I wanted and how I wanted it to be.
I looked for a self-development program or retreat. It was a little overwhelming as there were so many offerings out there. Eventually, I found a deeply appealing yoga teacher training. It led me to India, where I followed two yoga teacher trainings the same year and became a 500-hour certified teacher.
The teachings and techniques have been incredibly transformative and they made such a big difference in my life that I thought I could not not share them.

I am a firm believer that Life is about finding your purpose, pursuing your dream, and that in each of us, there is a reservoir of infinite potential, if we only take the time. I now dedicate my life to humbly serve through yoga.

It is so easy to get caught up in today’s overwhelming world! Luckily, there are amazing tools to thrive and live fearlessly and stress-free. The yogic technologies have a lot to offer. So choose to be the master of your life! Be the dance and the dancer, not just a spectator!