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In Sanskrit, ‘Sattva’ means whole, complete, harmonious, balanced.
Created by Spiritual Living Master Anand Mehrotra, Sattva Yoga is one of the most integrated practices and very efficiently blends pranayama, warrior breaths, hatha, Himalayan Kundalini and kriya, laya, mantra and chanting, free movement and partner work. Sharing the vedic wisdom and tantric practices in their most raw and authentic forms, Sattva Yoga is an evolutionary practice fully adapted to today’s world challenges. Sattva Yoga is more than just a physical practice.
The practice is an invitation to reconnect with our true essence and align mind, body and soul. We shed layers of conditioning, work on traumas and blockages, tensions and stress, addictions, heal our lineage through all the different techniques. We boost our immunity system, nervous system, for more vitality. These practices have transformed my life! Be the change you wish to see!
Take action! Do no wait! Life is too beautiful to be put on standby.

yoga offerings

* Practice in group setting or private classes: in person (French Polynesia) or online through Zoom
* Establish a strong consistent spiritual practice through sadhana: transformation does not happen overnight. Are you ready to commit?
* Infuse your life with more sacred rituals: establish more conscious and uplifting habits
* Add meditation to your daily routine: meditation is the foundation of yoga.
* Join us for events, workshops, retreats: stay connected !


Well-being at work has become key and we all know it: happy employees make happy customers, happy customers spread the word, and together we raise the vibration!
In an environment that has become extremely competitive, demanding and stressful (with all the plethora of dis-eases linked to that), taking care of your teams is crucial: we can offer short, efficient practices to sustain their brain health, overall health and vitality and guide them to better lifestyle choices.

retreats guidance

It is not just about knowing the islands, it is really about knowing all the perfect little spots in the islands of Tahiti, that will make your retreat the most enjoyable, transformative and memorable.
From street food to amazing vegetarian or vegan chefs, boutique stays to luxury resorts, sacred places to must-see sites, reach out for guidance! Please note that we are not a travel agency but offer consultancy (at a fee) so that you may build your own unique retreat in the Islands of Tahiti.
Of course, should you prefer to have the whole program tailor-made by a specialist, we will be more than happy to recommend one.

Are you ready to transform?